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Menu of Treatments


Full Body Massage

Our full body massage, with hot rocks, penetrates deeply into the muscles and relieves pain, eases tension and increases circulation. Renewed energy and vigour will follow this deep relaxation and leave you with a feeling of wellbeing. Hot rocks are however not recommended for pregnant ladies or people with uncontrolled high blood pressure.


You will feel deeply relaxed and pampered as we treat your face to a relaxation facial, working on pressure points, followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage. Our treatment will penetrate the dead, outer layer of the skin, working on the living layers beneath with our fruit and plant based products, which are beneficial for all skin types.

Head and Shoulder Massage

An excellent release for headaches and stress, while simultaneously improving your memory and focus. You will be left feeling rested and relaxed.

Hand Massage

Your hands deserve careful attention, as one tends to tighten and clench them when anxious or stressed. Our therapists will massage your hands with care, releasing the tension and helping you unwind.

Foot Massage

The reflex points in your feet affect every area and organ in your body.We work with care on your pressure points to stimulate blood flow, distributing energy flow and leaving your body balanced.

Full Body Exfoliation

Our therapist will treat your skin to a gentle exfoliation removing dead skin cells and massaging oils into the new cells, pampering and rejuvenating your body so you look and feel revitalised and healthy.

Jacuzzi / Swimming Pool

Spend time admiring the beauty of nature, birds singing and occasionally monkeys playing in the garden. Water always has a tranquil effect on our souls.

Special Health Conditions

Please notify our Client Services Manager on duty if you have high blood pressure, suffer from any allergies, are pregnant or wish to bring any other health related matter to our attention.